Fallout the apocalypse made fun

Because war, war never changes

  • Michael Klooster

  • May 22, 2019

The moment I decided to start writing about my favorite games anybody who knew me personally could see this article coming a mile away. Yes, today I’ve chosen to discuss my favorite post-apocalyptic RPG, Fallout. Originally developed by interplay entertainment and later taken over by Bethesda. The games take place in futuristic 1950, s inspired post-apocalyptic America. Each game has you wandering the wastelands as you battle, mutants, ghouls, raiders and factions vying for power.

Since its release the game has had 4 titles in the main series, and today we are going to be talking about what is without a doubt my favorite game in the Fallout franchise, Fallout 76. Just kidding no id rather forget that game was ever made, no if we are talking about my favorite entree into the series then its Fallout New Vegas. There’s just something about this game that got me instantly hooked, I remember playing Fallout 3 instantly loving it and before even finishing it going out and buying New Vegas. Which off course quickly made it my favorite of the series.

Aint that a kick in the head

Set in the Mojave Desert, the story of New Vegas follows a Courier who is hired to deliver a mysterious platinum poker chip. On his way there however, he is ambushed by the man in the checkered suite. He is then robbed of the platinum chip shot in the head and left for dead. Off course you as the courier survive this ordeal (or else this would be the shortest game ever) and you go on a journey to find your attempted killer and get revenge. While this is going on there is also a subplot of the war for hoover damn between the NCR and the Legion. The new California Republic or NCR is a republic state which seeks to extend their influence into the Mojave by securing the hoover damn. While they offer towns and cities, they annex protection and resources such as water and power, they often do this without giving them a choice and impose heavy taxes on them. Personally, I’ve never had a real problem with them since I see them as the best option you can get in the wastelands.

Now the legion however I always hated them and would never side or work with them. Basically, It was shoot first ask questions later whenever it came to them. What makes me hate them so much you ask? Inspired by roman soldiers and Lead by a man named Caesar (original I know) the legion is a military group that goes around killing or conquering tribes and adding them to their ranks. What makes them so bad is their ruthlessness, they are a heavily male dominated group keeping women around only as slaves. Which is a big thing for them they are hardcore slavers often enslaving towns they pillage and selling them off or keeping them in service. Long story short they are bad, and they also want to hoover damn. During the events of the game you can choose to side with one of these factions and decide the fate of the Mojave.

"The games map although small by today’s standards is packed with tons of things to explore."

Things to see, people to meet

The games map although small by today’s standards is packed with tons of things to explore. You have the glittering lights of the New Vegas strip, a town of mutants, a quarry filled with bloodthirsty Death claws (walking nightmares trust me) and some of the most interesting vaults the series has ever introduced. The vaults are prewar bunkers which housed survivors of the apocalypse, although this sounds good, they were used for a plethora of twisted social experiments. On such example is one vault where inhabitants where told they had to sacrifice one of their own once every few years or everyone else’s would be killed. Which they did for years until one day they decided to not to and found out the vaults dark twist. The purpose of the experiment was to see if a group would go against authority despite the consequences. Meaning they never had to sacrifice anyone it was all a lie. Dark stuff I know but the stories of these vaults are very interesting, and I found myself spending hours tracking them down to learn their secrets.

Yes, exploration is a big thing in this game and like I said there’s plenty of places to see and allot of colorful characters to meet. Theirs Yes man a robot who just cant say no,the kings a gang of Elvis impersonators, the brotherhood of steel, Mr. house master of the New Vegas strip, Fantastic a man with a theoretical degree in physics and confidence to spare and even a special kind of Protectron robot. All the while you explored you could enjoy the sounds of several old school music such as Frank Sinatra, Dean martin, Marty Robins and the fan bases favorite Jonny Guitar, all brought to you by the charismatic DJ Mr New Vegas.

Honestly this article could be several parts long if I where to go into detail about everything else the game has to offer, and that's just the base game the Dlc chapters add even more wacky characters and excellent story lines to the game. But I think I’ve said enough, the world, the setting, the characters and story are all excellent. New Vegas is a unique experience I will never forget and one that I often revisit. Because when it comes to Fallout there is no other place id rather be then the Mohave

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