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The story behind our logo the raccoon dog

  • Michael Klooster

  • April 23, 2018

When I first came up with this idea to add a blog page to this website one post idea I always wanted to write about is the story behind the Illusion Media logo. Allot of people think that it’s just a cute raccoon logo while some are curious about the meaning behind the leaf on it its head. Well in this article I’ll be talking about what the meaning behind it all is and how it came to be.

Years ago I used to make Rpg games as a hobby, I would create the story and characters myself then build simple sprite based games. During this time I used the name Illusion Studios. The first logo was simply the name with a pattern inserted in the word illusion.This was due to my inexperience with logo design and creation. A year later I changed the logo this time it was a step more advanced this time I added a pencil drawing a pattern. Inside that pattern was a collage of the characters from these games. Although I like the idea behind this logo looking back it’s a terrible logo. Not because it looks bad but mostly because it takes up to much space due to the pencil stroke.

Eventually I gained more experience with design and adobe software and years later when I decided to officially start Illusion media as a company my focus had changed to graphic and web design. And so I decided to scrap to original logo idea and create a new one, preferably one with a mascot that I could customize to fit different situations. I looked into different animals like foxes and owls but eventually I chose the Japanese Raccoon dog. Yup that’s right the raccoon in the logo isn’t a raccoon at all it’s a species of canine native to japan. The raccoon dog or Tanuki as it is called in japan plays a huge role in Japanese culture and folklore with several myths surrounding the odd creature. Originally they lived in burrows in wooded areas but with the country becoming more urbanized more have moved to the city where they feed of rubbish a trait that they share with the animal they get their name from the raccoon.

" This idea of transforming into anything represents Illusion media in the sense that we try to transform your sites, brands etc into new and unique ideas "

So what’s the meaning of the raccoon dog and why did I choose it? Well it’s simple, according to myth the Tanuki are capable of shape shifting with the use of a leaf placed on their forehead. This idea of transforming into anything represents Illusion media in the sense that we try to transform your sites, brands etc into new and unique ideas. It also fits the name as shape shifting can be considered as a form of an illusion.

Originally I made the logo the same color as its real life counterpart a reddish brown color. However experimenting with colors I choose to go for a darker black color. The leaf on his head also went through several changes in colors and patterns before I eventually settled for what I have now. In the end I am very pleased with how the logo turned out, it represents the business perfectly and the mascot is easy to adapt for events or holidays. Like many logos it will have to be updated in the future, but for now the Tanuki is here to stay.

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