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Lotus villas

This project is a website for our client Lotus Villas.The goal of this project is to make a simple yet elegant looking site where users can quickly rent a vacation villa.The site will be designed and custom built wordpress theme and must be connected to a reservation system.The site must contain a homepage where users can immediately reach the reservation page. It will also contain the standard pages such as about and contact.

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The client

Lotus Villas is a company based in Curacao that rents out luxury vacation villas.Each villa is accommodated with a private pool and elegant patio.They also offer clients a car rental service allowing visitors to travel the island easier.Lotus Villas offers its clients the perfect location for a colorful, relaxing holiday in style.

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The result

The result is a fully functional 7 page website that allows the client’s customers to reserve and rent a vacation villa.It features a home,villas,reservation.car rental, contact and a page with information about vacation destinations on the island itself.The site was build in a custom made wordpress theme.The sites elegant web design perfectly suits the client's image and makes optimal use of their brand colors.

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